Closely Held and Family Business Succession Planning

You have built your business from the ground up. You have invested a lifetime in it and want it to continue successfully into the future. Whether you intend to keep the business in the family or ensure a smooth transition if one of your partners leaves or passes away, experienced business succession planning is a must. We work with our clients to create a seamless succession plan for your closely held business. In cases involving closely held businesses, disputes often arise involving ownership, intellectual property rights, the enforceability of contracts and other concerns. After careful review of your business, exposure to liability and current estate plan, we will propose strategies for protecting your company.

Attorneys at Fellows & Quenzer, LLC, know that careful planning helps to ensure that your business passes to the people that you desire, safeguards against the likelihood of conflict, loss of control, payment of taxes or unintended consequences. Many of the problems are easily handled; such as confirming that life insurance beneficiaries are properly named and business formation paperwork outline proper succession. Through the guided use of buy-sell agreements, you can create contingency plans in case one of the principals is incapacitated, dies or simply wants out.

Business Succession and Wealth Preservation

Business succession planning is just part of our wealth preservation practice. We offer estate planning tailored to our client's needs. Call us to discuss your unique business and your goals.

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