Passing On Your Family Values and Wealth Philosophy

Serving Clients in Colorado and Nationwide

Estate planning is more than minimizing/eliminating taxes and attempting to avoid the probate court process. Although these can be important aspects, how one plans their estate can be a reflection of one's values and wealth philosophy. We encourage our clients to think about many issues when doing estate Planning including:

  • Do you wish to pass on your core values to your family?
  • Do you wish to protect some of your chosen heirs from making irreversible mistakes with your financial gift?
  • Do you wish to ensure that your spouse and children will be able to live in a manner consistent with your own?
  • Do you wish to create an endowment for a beloved university, place of worship or deserving charity?
  • Have you created a business you want to pass on to family members?
  • Do you wish to ease the burden of your passing on your family?

Or for some clients they simply want to make sure the wealth they have spent a lifetime building is protected from excessive taxation, personal liability and/or a long and expensive probate process.

At Fellows & Quenzer, LLC, we customize our approach to each client's unique needs. We can provide guidance and oversight for those clients who want to take the lead in their own estate planning. We can provide full service and complete planning of all of estate issues for clients who are seeking experienced estate attorneys to handle all aspects of their estate planning goals. We provide all the services necessary for those clients seeking expertise for every step of their estate planning journey.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our estate planning attorneys.

Attorneys at Fellows & Quenzer LLC, will help you plan an individualized solution - one that manages your finances and estate in accordance with your personal wealth philosophy and meets your goals of estate planning.

Thoughtful and Cutting-Edge Solutions

Fellows & Quenzer LLC is a boutique law firm that intentionally serves a limited number of clients, which permits the focused and personal service each of our clients deserve. We are not a "cookie cutter" law firm that forces clients into preset and limited estate plans. Each member of Fellows & Quenzer LLC is dedicated to providing our clients with professional and responsive legal representation as well as realistic solutions for their legal challenges. We are a full-service law firm providing our clients a wide range of services and, when asked, provide our clients with introductions to several local high end financial planning and insurance specialists to help facilitate the client's estate planning goals.

We provide services from drafting a simple will to sophisticated estate planning in a number of legal practice areas:

  • Estate Administration
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Charitable Giving
  • Probate
  • Elder Law and Medicaid Planning
  • Trusts for Minors and Children
  • Trusts for non-Citizen Spouses
  • Generation-Skipping Trusts
  • Living Trusts
  • Revocable Trusts
  • Ethical Wills
  • Gifting to Minors

Wealth Transfer

Wealth transfer and estate planning is much more than drafting wills and trusts. We can design wealth transfer strategies to meet your individual needs. Whether you want to transfer your wealth while you are still living, minimize taxes, or make sure those you designate as the beneficiaries receive as much of your wealth as possible, we will work with you to determine which estate tools are right for you.

Sophisticated Estate Planning, Trust Creation, and Wealth Transfer Strategies

We use different methods depending on the size of the estate, tax planning, and most importantly, the personal needs and goals of our clients. For instance, if you have a business that you would like to remain in the family, but have concerns about passing on possible environmental liability, we offer solutions to help protect the individual beneficiaries from personal liability.

We have a large number of wealth transfer tools at our disposal, including:

  • Family Limited Partnerships (FLP) and Family Limited Liability Companies (FLLC)
  • Charitable Lead Trusts (CLUTs, CLATs)
  • Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRATs)
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRATs, CRUTs and NIMCRUTS)
  • Family Foundations
  • Special Needs Trusts and Supplemental Needs Trusts
  • Life Insurance Trusts (ILITs)
  • QTIP Trusts
  • Generation Skipping Trusts
  • Trusts for Non-Citizen Spouses
  • Retirement Trusts
  • Trusts for Minors and Children
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