Fellows & Quenzer LLC builds its clients' best DUI Defense Strategy by having the client provide a great deal of detail about the day of their DUI arrest. The closer in time to the arrest such information is written down and contemplated, the better.

Such detailed information helps with trying to get the DUI case dismissed as well as to put on the best DUI defense possible at a trial. This information aids a motion to suppress evidence of the breath test or blood test. If the test can be thrown out, a client can likely win their DUI case and have the charges dismissed by the Court. This information can aid a motion to suppress evidence based upon the concept of an unreasonable traffic stop. Clients have constitutional rights. This type of information aids our lawyers to determine if a client's constitutional rights have been violated. We make a concerted effort to learn and understand all the details of our client's arrest so we can better analyze the risks and the opportunities our client faces.

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A sample of pertinent information you should know related to your DUI arrest is:

  • Date of arrest
  • Place of arrest, address and City and County:
  • Original arrest charges, all of them
  • Weather conditions at time of arrest
  • Lighting conditions at time of arrest
  • Roadside condition, muddy, dry, rocky, sloped, wet, etc..
  • First Drink time/what type of drink
  • Last Drink time/what type of drink
  • Total Alcohol consumption for evening
  • Food eaten by Client 24 hours before arrest
  • Client Sleep last 24 hours before arrest
  • Client Body weight
  • Witnesses to driving and arrest
  • Physical condition of Client, any problems with knees, feet, etc..
  • Time Roadside Tests begun
  • Roadside tests given to Client in order
  • Witnesses to road side tests
  • Time into field custody by police
  • Time booked at police station
  • Post arrest testing procedures of police
  • Time Police observation began
  • Chemical test given: Breath, Blood
  • All Tests Offered
  • Test refused
  • Number of tests
  • Location of tests
  • Driving record of Client
  • Last Ticket Received by Client before recent DUI arrest
  • Prior Client alcohol offenses, date, resolution
  • Prior Client driver's license suspensions
  • Client Prior Habitual Traffic Offenses
  • Prior drug/alcohol treatment of Client
  • Is the Client on bond? The Amount of bond? The Type of bond? Who is securing the bond?
  • Next/First Court date
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