The law firm's philosophy for handling a family law matter is straight forward. At Fellows & Quenzer, we strive to complete your case as economically as possible while seeking to accomplish all of your case goals preferably through a settlement and when necessary through a trial with the Judge. Our goal is the same for each client in a family law case, to guide the client through the process as economically and efficiently as possible, minimizing the emotional impact while standing firm for the legally recognized rights of our clients and when children are involved to work tirelessly to make certain they are protected.

In the beginning of each client's matter, we attempt to maintain a cordial, professional working relationship with the other side in your case. We are polite yet firm in representing our client's best interests. In most cases, even ones where there has been a great deal of conflict, we first try to settle the case early in the matter on terms benefitting our client. We make an offer to settle each case early in the matter to try to minimize the potential financial cost of the case. If we cannot reach a reasonable agreement early in the case, we move to step two and prepare to fight for you at trial. We continue to try to settle the case up to the moment of trial, but will not waste your money on a futile effort to settle when the sides are too far apart and it is unjust for our client to give in to the nonsensical demands of the other side. We prepare for trial to place our client in the best possible position for the Court to decide the terms of custody along the lines wished for by our client.

In a family law case, another cost for the client to consider is one measured not in dollars, but in terms of emotional impact. We seek to minimize the emotional impact of a custody case for our clients. We work towards the parties attempting to maintain a somewhat civil relationship for the benefit of the children as well as their own mental health well-being. To minimize the emotional toll, we aid our clients by encouraging them to view the financial aspects of the case as a business deal, to separate emotions from the money issues. Also, we have an extensive referral system for our clients to enroll in individual or group professional therapy to help speed the healing process.

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